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Welcome to the Ghana High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Ghana High Commission in Nairobi is accredited to the Republic of Kenya for the maintenance and enhancement of diplomatic relations between Ghana and Kenya. The High Commissioner is resident in Nairobi, Kenya and has concurrent accreditation to the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republics of Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

The Mission is responsible for the coordination, promotion, and protection of the national interest of Ghana and Ghanaians in the accredited countries in a manner that will contribute to the enhancement of the country's security and socio-economic development. The Mission provides an efficient one-stop reference for general information on Ghana for the effective promotion of trade, investment, and tourism.

The Mission is also accredited to the United Nations Office In Nairobi (UNON), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the UN Habitat, and participates in the numerous conferences and meetings held in Nairobi, in order to contribute to the establishment of International norms and standards, the formulation of regulations and decisions and resolutions germane to the objects and purposes of the United Nations and the International community. It further ensures that Ghana's rights, under the various Treaties and Agreements, are not diminished but are enhanced and that she derives full benefits from its membership of the international organizations while fulfilling its national obligations.